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Workplace Injuries Rehabilitation

Have you ever experienced a workplace injury or illness? Connect With Caring Hands Physiotherapy– We Provide Workplace Injuries Rehabilitation Services

Workplace Injuries Rehabilitation-

What Happens if You are Injured at Work?

People are employed in a variety of jobs, which range from manual through to office-based. Every workplace has its risks, some greater than others.

If you have an injury at work, you should get help as quickly as you can. Along with informing your employer of the injury, request workers' compensation documents.
While most injuries are immediately visible, some, like whiplash or concussions, might take days to manifest symptoms.
If you have an injury at work, it's critical to act right away to take the following actions:

  1. Inform your employer and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of this occurrence as soon as possible
  2. For a thorough evaluation of your workplace injuries, contact us.

First Steps for Workplace Injuries Rehabilitation

The goal of health and safety laws in Calgary is to safeguard workers at work and lower the likelihood of accidents and injuries.
Employers have a responsibility to safeguard their workers from the hazards of a sickness or injury that could develop while on the job. 

It's vital that you see a professional if you think you could have experienced a long-term damage. A physiotherapist will assist you in identifying any long-term health issues that could result from an accident and affect your day-to-day functioning (walking, playing sports, or even sitting).

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Migraine or Headache?

Caring Hands Physiotherapy offers you a free consultation with our Physiotherapists at any of our branches. Book your free 1 to1 consultation now. Click Book Now.

Disclaimer: This is free educational consultation to impart health awareness. No treatment will be delivered during the free session.


What are the Therapy benefits for workplace injury?

To restore function and enable a return to work, we emphasise an active injury strategy. We provide programmes that can help, whether your workplace injury resulted from an accident or excessive use.

1. Get Rid of Your Pain
2. Improve endurance and flexibility
3. Upgrading your work skills
4. Plan Your Return To Work and Offer Ergonomic Guidance
5. Prevention of Workplace Injuries


What happens if I'm involved in a work-related incident or injury??

Please take the following actions if you are hurt or involved in an accident at work:

1. Ask for medical help if it's necessary.
2.  Prior to leaving the office, make sure your manager or supervisor is aware that you have a work-related illness or injury.
3. You are required to report an accident or illness when a medical professional has evaluated it.
4. Under the insurance plan offered by your company, you can be eligible for a variety of healthcare benefits.
You only have six months to submit a claim for healthcare benefits under your employer's insurance plan, so act quickly if you're interested in receiving them.


Do you provide Rehabilitation Care for Workplace Injuries?

We at Caring Hands Physiotherapy are experts in offering specialised rehabilitation services to people who have sustained industrial injuries. In order to co-manage our shared patients, we use a collaborative approach to rehabilitation care in which we collaborate with other doctors, chiropractors, and other ancillary services like physical therapists. This offers continuity of care, greater results, and an improved patient experience overall.


What qualifies as being “at work” in terms of an injury?

In accordance with Alberta legislation, executing a task for your employer qualifies as being "at work" (e.g. carrying a huge tray of scalding hot coffees back from Starbucks.) If your injury occurs close to the property, you may also be entitled for worker's compensation (for example, an icy parking lot.)


If you find yourself injured at work in Calgary, you should follow a procedure to ensure your health and employee rights are protected. Act immediately and get Workplace Injuries Rehabilitation you need.
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Workplace Injuries - Service Offered


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