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TMJ Dysfunction in Calgary-

Find Relief for Your Jaw Pain

Eating, speaking causing you to hold your face in pain? Check out our services on TMJ Dysfunction in Calgary to get to the cause.

TMJ dysfunction & Physical therapy relief

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (most commonly known as TMJ Disorder) is a common condition that affects the muscles and the skeletal structure of the mandible, known as the Temporomandibular Joint. This joint facilitates movement of the mandible, the teeth. Any condition of this area is accompanied by pain due to the effect on the nervous system that coordinates the complex movement of this area.
At Caring Hands Physiotherapy, we treat TMJ dysfunction by reducing pain and inflammation in the joint and improving flexibility and functionality of your TMJ. As in other cases, physiotherapy treats TMJ Dysfunction in an holistic manner.  Our physiotherapists will analyze both the TMJ and the other surrounding body parts that are contributing to the problem.

What is TMJ Dysfunction (or TMD)?

TMJ (or temporomandibular dysfunction) is a broad term used to describe a wide number of jaw related problems including:

  • Chronic or Pain in the jaw muscles or joint
  • Reduced or Limited ability to open your mouth 
  • Frequent locking or catching of the jaw
  • Joint noises during movement
  • On and off Headaches and pain while to chewing

TMJ Dysfunction can also cause other head and neck related problems including headaches, neck problems, or ear pain.


The Importance of TMJ Dysfunction in Calgary-Treatment

Treatment of TMJ Dysfunction or Disorder can be corrected or treated with the right treatment. A physiotherapist will conduct a thorough exploration of the history of your condition, and evaluate your range of motion, posture, cranial nerve motor reflexes, muscle palpation etc. Once a diagnosis has been made, we will prescribe a treatment plan that may include various techniques to alleviate the symptoms.

TMJ Dysfunction in Calgary- Symptoms

Wondering if you suffer from TMJ disorder? Symptoms can include:

  • Clicking or popping noises when chewing.
  • Grinding noises when moving the jaw.
  • Pain or swelling in the face & Joints that reach the neck & shoulders.
  • Limited jaw movement.
  • Pain in your jaw when talking, chewing, or swallowing
  • Complete lockjaw.
  • Sleep Apnea.
  • Headaches and dizziness sometimes leading to nausea and vomiting.
  • Difficulty swallowing.
  • Pain in ears, ringing, or clicking sounds coming from inside the ears.
  • Hearing loss or ear pain that is not from an ear infection

How We Diagnose - TMJ Dysfunction in Calgary

When diagnosing TMJ Dysfunction, we’ll always begin by conducting a thorough physical examination of your mouth to identify the cause.

Next, we may request an x-ray and ultrasound to examine the extent of the problem. In case we suspect you have an infection, you will also be required to run blood tests. These diagnostic procedures will reveal the possibility of ailments like lupus, gout, or swelling in joints.

In most situations, diagnosing TMJ is done through a process of elimination. Physical therapy, special exercises, massage, and muscle relaxing techniques, can play a part in reducing symptoms until the underlying cause is found. Be sure to communicate all your symptoms to your therapist. It is also helpful to keep a log documenting them to discover links related to your lifestyle.

While there are a lot of treatment options available, many of these only address the symptoms.
Chiropractic treatment targets the actual cause of your pain and can handle it for the long term

Physiotherapy is a great first-line treatment for most muscle and joint problems. Clinically proven to reduce pain and dysfunction, physiotherapy also saves you time and money.

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We have an integrated team approach of a physiotherapist, chiropractor, massage therapist and naturopaths. We want to help our patients with all type of injuries resulting from car accidents, sports injuries, work-related injuries, chronic pain, and aging.

TMJ Dysfunction - Service Offered


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