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Expert Injury Assessment, Treatment & Rehabilitation.

Sports Physical Therapy Clinic in Calgary

Our Sports physiotherapy clinic, Calgary, AB is a specialized unit which helps athletes and other sport players to achieve their goals and perform at their best optimum levels.
Our Sports physiotherapists are dedicated to helping athletes of all levels perform better and help improving your technique. We can also provide specific treatment to heal any injuries and preventing additional injuries from occurring in the future. The Caring Hands Physiotherapy’s Sports physio is your support system off the field and will help carry your performance on the field as well.

Sports Physio issues

Whether you are a pro or amateur, we want you to be at the top of your game always. Athletes tend to put much more demand on their bodies, particularly their joints and muscles compared to the usual activities of everyday life. This additional demand and load mean athletes can often benefit from physio treatment. We help sports players by treating acute injuries and ensuring complete recovery. Most importantly we help you understand how to avoid injuries.

Ankle sprain

Any sudden twist or roll to the ankle can cause ligaments on the sides of the ankle to stretch or tear. Our treatment will make sure your sprained ankle is healed and minimize the time you need to take off from sports. 

Groin Pull

Did you know Groin pulls make up 10% of hockey-related injuries? With our Sports Physiotherapy prescribed treatment and proper rest, your injury will heal in almost no time at all., 

Hamstring Strain

Depending on the severity of the Hamstring strain our sports therapist will plan the right treatment for you. The expertise of our physical therapist is vital for the complete rehabilitation of the hamstring injury., 

Tennis Elbow

We base our treatment plan for tennis elbow based on updated knowledge and research. The physical therapy with a focus on reducing pain and improving function., 

Shin Splints

Shin splints are known to more likely to occur when your leg muscles and tendons are tired. Our therapy works on the principle of recovery as well as prevention of injuries from recurring., 

ACL tear

ACL tears can be treated effectively with sports physical therapy. The treatment plan is designed to strengthen the muscles supporting the knee, especially the muscles of the upper leg. 

Muscle Imbalance

Muscle imbalances can be corrected to the right combination of strengthening and stretching. This will help you develop better posture and improve your overall sports performance. 


The entire body is the focus of our rehabilitation program, not just the injured area. Your sports therapist will provide a plan to ensure you are physically and psychologically ready to get back to your sport after an injury.

We help you in Healing & Recovery

Athletes and sports persons are far more susceptible to injuries due to the regular stress on their body. Our sports physiotherapists can help with the prevention of injuries as well as offer treatment and rehabilitation. For more information about treatment of your Sports Injuries get in touch today.

Sports Injury Clinic for all

Injury, whether during a game, practice sessions or recreational play is sometimes unavoidable. But in such instances, we aspire to have you back in good physical condition as quick as possible. We offer a thorough assessment and treatment of your injury, getting you on the road to recovery. Depending on the injury, treatments may include massage, joint manipulation, and guidance on protecting your injury as it recovers through to flexibility retraining and a specific rehabilitation-based exercise program. By looking after your body, sports physiotherapy can help you perform at your best.

Massage therapists are experts in the art and science of human movement dysfunctions. We care for people of all ages and treat a variety of muscle, and joint and conditions

While there are a lot of treatment options available, many of these only address the symptoms.
Chiropractic treatment targets the actual cause of your pain and can handle it for the long term

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We have an integrated team approach of a physiotherapist, chiropractor, massage therapist and naturopaths. We want to help our patients with all type of injuries resulting from car accidents, sports injuries, work-related injuries, chronic pain, and aging.

Sports Injury - Service Offered


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