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Shoulder Pain Relief in Calgary

Don’t let your shoulder pain continue any longer.
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Have you been suffering from shoulder pain? Is your shoulder making clicking, crunching or popping sounds when you move it? Caring Hands Physiotherapy provides real, long-term solution with a focus on shoulder injuries.

Shoulder pain can be complex, confusing and disabling, which is why it makes sense to trust your shoulder pain to an experienced Calgary shoulder physio. At Caring Hands Physiotherapy we ensure you receive a comprehensive assessment and individualized treatment for your shoulder pain.

What are the types of Shoulder injuries?

Shoulder injuries are a complex condition so this general information is provided at a level that can be easily understood. We suggest you book an appointment with Caring Hands Physiotherapy for more specific information and individualized shoulder pain treatment Calgary.

  1. SHOULDER BURSITIS: Shoulder bursitis causes an aching pain over the outer aspect of the upper arm. The pain is typically worse when raising the arm above head and lying on the shoulder. Resting the arm by the side of the body typically eases the pain.
  2. ROTATOR CUFF TEAR: Shoulder pain and weakness when the arm is elevated, especially under load such as reaching up to place something heavy in an overhead cabinet.
  3. FROZEN SHOULDER: This condition is often unexplained and exaggerated inflammatory reaction of the shoulder capsule. It is very painful when stretched or compressed and eventually thickens and contracts causing significant stiffness.
  4. SHOULDER DISLOCATION: Shoulder dislocation implies that the ball has slipped completely out of it’s socket. This usually results in damage to the bone or soft tissues and can result in recurrent episodes of instability.
  5. SHOULDER ARTHIRITIS: This condition is termed as osteoarthritis or ‘wear and tear’ of the shoulder. This involves deterioration of the smooth articular cartilage that lines the joint surfaces of the shoulder.

Shoulder Pain?

Caring Hands Physiotherapy offers you a free consultation with our Physiotherapists at any of our branches. Book your free 1 to1 consultation now. Click Book Now.

Disclaimer: This is free educational consultation to impart health awareness. No treatment will be delivered during the free session.


What are the causes of shoulder pain?

Shoulder pain is most often caused by shoulder injuries such as shoulder dislocations and rotator cuff tears.


What should I bring for my shoulder physio appointment?

Please bring all relevant medical history related to your shoulder injury. This may include:

Investigation results: X-rays, Ultrasound Scans, MRI’s, Blood Tests, etc.
Relevant sporting equipment
Video footage of you performing your painful activity if available.

Also bring private health insurance card and anything you feel is relevant to your shoulder injury


What should I expect at Shoulder Physio?

You’ll be introduced to your therapist and provided with an opportunity to discuss your shoulder problem and individual treatment goals. We will then perform the comprehensive and individualised shoulder assessment protocol. This will be followed by recommendation of special techniques to try and modify your pain and initiate healing


Do I need a referral?

A medical referral is not required to see physiotherapist to treat Shoulder pain.


Shoulder exercises often contribute a significant component of our treatment plan. Depending on your individual circumstances, you may require any combination of shoulder mobility, rotator cuff strengthening or scapula strengthening exercises.

At Caring Hands Physiotherapy, we offer treatments that can help alleviate shoulder pain along with exercises. These manual therapy techniques are usually carried out by chiropractors and physiotherapists. Call us to make an appointment now.

Shoulder Pain - Service Offered


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