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Be in charge of your Pelvic health

Pelvic floor Physiotherapy for Pelvic pain relief Calgary

Your pelvic fitness is key to your overall health and wellbeing. At Caring Hands Physiotherapy Pelvic floor clinic Calgary,  we offer pelvic pain relief in Calgary, AB. We can assess, treat, and advice you on the best approach for your pelvic floor condition. Our pelvic floor physiotherapy Calgary can alleviate and eliminate discomfort and pain. Your pelvic floor physiotherapy treatment plan will include advice and lifestyle guidance for diet & exercise, plus support throughout your rehabilitation.


Pelvic pain can be assessed and managed at Caring Hands physiotherapy's clinic pelvic floor clinic Calgary. 

Pelvic floor Physiotherapy Calgary is aimed to reduce symptoms and improve quality of life. Depending on the cause, the doctor may recommend several exercises, massage, and other relaxation techniques can eliminate pelvic pain

The doctor may also recommend specific procedures incase of pelvic pain during pregnancy. 


Pelvic pain can occur for several reasons. If you suffer from Pelvic pain, it can be tough to handle and can come in the way of doing everyday things. Fortunately, Caring Hand Physiotherapy offers pelvic pain relief in Calgary, that can help ease your symptoms and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.
Physical therapy treatments are proven to give positive results for a variety of conditions which cause pelvic pain. Your therapist will also show you techniques to keep your pelvic muscles strong, so you do not experience additional problems in the future. 


During pregnancy and birthing, a women’s body undergoes an incredible amount of strain and even trauma, most particularly the pelvic floor. Pelvic floor physiotherapy has multiple benefits if you are pregnant, post-partum or even just planning to have a baby.

Pre-Natal Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Calgary

While preparing for birth, your pelvic floor muscles undergo considerable stretching and strain. An unprepared body can lead to a slower recovery and general weakness. Pelvic floor Physiotherapy recommends exercise to strengthen the pelvic floor that are safe as your pregnancy progresses.

Post-Natal Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Calgary

As the body changes after giving birth, the Pelvic floor exercises done post birth are also different from those done before the birth. Post-natal recovery is a challenging and important time. Your physiotherapist will analyze the state of your body and birthing experience and prescribe an individual pelvic floor exercise program for you.

Some of our other focus areas for pelvic pain relief include:

  • Pain in the low back, abdomen, or hips, SI joint, pubic bone, groin, Scarring from c-section, tearing or episiotomy
  • Issues related to bladder and bowel control when sneezing or coughing or with strenuous activities
  • Sexual health concerns- pelvic pain during intercourse
  • Recovery from injury
  • Prolapse- Pressure, heaviness or bulging in your vagina or rectum

Relieve chronic pain by decreasing stress on the joints, tension in the body and improve alignment
with manual osteopathy to address the root cause of the pain.

Naturopathy stimulates positive thinking, lowers stress, anxiety & depression, improves overall
health. This is an individualized treatment that aims at transforming one's overall well-being.

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We have an integrated team approach of a physiotherapist, chiropractor, massage therapist and naturopaths. We want to help our patients with all type of injuries resulting from car accidents, sports injuries, work-related injuries, chronic pain, and aging.

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy - Service Offered


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