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Headaches Pain Relief Calgary

By concentrating on various facets of your lifestyle, your Caring Hands Physiothera can also offer guidance on Headache Pain Relief Calgary and manage some of the frequent underlying causes of headaches.

Need  Migraine or Headaches Pain Relief Calgary?

Headaches or Migraines are a neurological disorder characterised by severe, frequently incapacitating pain. Additionally, it may be accompanied by numbness or tingling, sensitivity to light or sound, and nausea.
You should seek out a physical therapist with experience in treating headaches to ensure that they are aware of the appropriate procedures.

There are so many different things that might trigger headaches, such as hormone changes, stress, and bad posture. It's crucial to go into detail with your physio about your headaches.

How to find a physical therapist for Headaches Pain Relief?

If physical therapy is something you want to attempt for your migraines, check with your doctor first to be sure it's safe for you to do so. If they give the all-clear, seek for a physical therapist with experience treating headaches who is licenced.

Different physical therapy offices could specialise in various forms of treatment. Inquire if they specialise in treating migraines or have prior experience doing so. Some people have clinical speciality in neurology that is board certified. This indicates that the physical therapist has a focus on diagnosing, treating, and monitoring patients with neurologic impairment.

It's crucial to find a physical therapist with whom you click. They should be open to your inquiries and put you at ease.

Migraine or Headache?

Caring Hands Physiotherapy offers you a free consultation with our Physiotherapists at any of our branches. Book your free 1 to1 consultation now. Click Book Now.

Disclaimer: This is free educational consultation to impart health awareness. No treatment will be delivered during the free session.


What will a physiotherapist do?

An expert physiotherapist will be able to establish whether or not your neck is the source of your headaches. Physiotherapists could employ:

1. Mobilisation of your neck's joints and muscles

2. Manipulation.

3. Exercises for functional and rehabilitation

4. Assessment, correction, and guidance for posture

5. Electrotherapy and ultrasound.

Your physiotherapist can also provide you with self-help guidance on how to address the underlying causes of headaches, such as useful ergonomic recommendations for the workplace and at home, furniture adjustments, relaxation techniques, and exercise.


Who should consider physical therapy for migraine attack relief?

For those who get migraine once a month or less, due to cervical spine and muscle tightness may find relief in physical therapy. This is because the therapy helps to relax these muscles, releasing tension and getting rid of any referred pain that may go into the head, causing a headache.


Acupressure for Pain and Headaches?

Your muscles can relax and your blood flow can be improved by pressing these acupoints. Additionally, it can alleviate a number of chemotherapy's usual side effects, including pain and headaches.


What are some common headache exercises?

Deep neck flexors are the main target of headache exercises. By strengthening these vital muscles, you may correct your posture and retrain your head and neck to be in the best position. Please take note that you should only start these exercises after speaking with your physiotherapist.


Whether your pain is musculoskeletal, neuropathic or any other, we can help. Our philosophy is rigorous patient assessment followed by the implementation of uniquely-tailored, individually specific treatment plans to get you back to your best – fast. Call us to make an appointment now.

Headaches pain relief - Service Offered


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