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Foot and Ankle Pain Relief Calgary

Get back to being able to move about freely with our treatment for Foot and Ankle Pain Relief Calgary

Do you have a pain in your foot? Are you looking for Foot and Ankle Pain Relief?

You should never ignore any type of pain, but pain in your feet or ankles can take an extra toll. That’s because if you have trouble walking, you are more likely to stop being physically active—which can lead to further health issues down the road.

From tendonitis and stress fractures to bone spurs, joint inflammation and more—pain on the top or sides of your feet should always be taken seriously. Have you picked up an activity recently that your feet might not be used to? Or, maybe you’ve been squeezing your feet into shoes that are too tight and/or don’t have much arch support. No matter the cause, it’s important to see a foot and ankle specialist to diagnose and treat the pain.

Ankle sprains are an extremely common injury. They involve possible joint damage resulting in swelling, instability and pain, to more severe damage, such as torn ligaments, bruised cartilage and broken bones. Immediate treatment includes rest, ice, compression and anti-inflammatories.  

What are Plantar fasciitis treatment and symptoms?

At Caring Hands Physiotherapy, we treat a lot of heel pain or plantar fasciitis. Many of the symptoms include pain when you first get up in the morning, burning, numbness and increased symptoms by the end of the day. The pain is usually caused by the tightening of the plantar fascia ligament located on the bottom of the foot. The plantar fascia ligament supports the arch. When you're resting, the ligament contracts. As you start to walk, the ligament pulls and may tear slightly causing pain. Heel pain can also be brought on by trauma, overexertion, ill-fitting shoes or poor foot alignment.

Heel Pain?

Caring Hands Physiotherapy offers you a free consultation with our Physiotherapists at any of our branches. Book your free 1 to1 consultation now. Click Book Now.

Disclaimer: This is free educational consultation to impart health awareness. No treatment will be delivered during the free session.


What are the causes of foot and ankle pain?

Foot and ankle pain typically develops from one of two reasons: a sudden injury or a chronic, underlying conditions. Your feet and ankles are both very complex structures. The ankle joint consists of three bones that all must interact with one another correctly, as well as various connective tissues that hold the assembly of the joint together. In order for your feet and ankles to function properly, everything must work together in harmony.


Why does my foot hurt?

As the feet and ankles are so complex, it is common for people to sustain injuries in those areas, which can lead to physical limitations. An injury to your foot or ankle can result in pain so severe that you avoid putting your weight down. This leaves you with only two options; hopping around, risking injury to your other foot, or worse, being stuck in a chair, unable to go anywhere and take care of yourself or others. Even mild pain can cause physical limitations to your daily life.

How can I get relief from foot and ankle pain?

At Caring Hands Physiotherapy, our goal is to provide holistic healing and pain management so you can get back to living your life without limitations. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and get started on the first steps toward relief!


What are the best exercises for foot and ankle pain?

Physical Therapy includes exercises on a balance board, as well as other specialized services. This will help to ease your pain quickly and boost your circulation. Based on our years of experience, we may collaborate with multiple disciplines and areas, to develop an individual treatment plan for you.


Pain-free mobility is essential to your quality of life! Don’t let foot and ankle pain stop you from achieving your goals! Our Calgary, AB physiotherapists will help you regain your mobility, get back to your old self, free from the limitations of pain.

Contact Caring Hands Physiotherapy today to schedule your appointment. We provide effective foot and ankle pain Relief treatment to get you back on your toes in no time.

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