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People need to concentrate more on physical activity as a major aspect of their everyday routine to avert around 30 diseases related to an inactive way of life. Level of physical activity is low and records for expanding instances of more than 30 distinct diseases of an inactive way of life found in people coming to hospitals.

People need to concentrate on the physical activity, independent of their age. Our concentration as physiotherapists is to return people back to their typical active way of life.  We need people to include more activities like brisk walking, jogging, running and everyday routine activities like taking staircases rather than the lift, hand washing of clothes rather than machine washing, to expand their level of physical activity.

Indulging in physical activities ought not to be viewed as foreign, given that people are made to be continually moving.  The fact that people don’t know does not imply that it is not social or that it is something that we ought to do in this environment. Exercise is not foreign, it is implied for everybody but rather people don’t know it.

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