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To know how to choose a Naturopathic Doctor, its important to understand what sets Naturopathy apart from conventional medicine? Is naturopathy for you? You can use the information in this page to determine whether a naturopath physician is the most qualified to assist you and, if so, how to find a naturopath.

Naturopathic doctors specialize in natural healthcare, and are trained to integrate the best tools of conventional medicine with dietary and lifestyle advice for each patient. Naturopaths' philosophy is that every person's health is a reflection of his or her unique collection of genetic, lifestyle and

What is naturopathy?

It's an alternative-medicine practice that seeks to treat a person holistically, in which he or she is the cause of a problem and not just a victim. The goal of naturopathy is to restore the body to its natural state of health.

Naturopathic medicine focuses on treating the underlying cause of an illness and restoring overall balance to your body. In conventional medicine, treatment of symptoms is often the standard approach.

What is naturopathy?

How To Choose Conventional medicine Vs. Naturopathy

The ability to conduct surgery and write prescriptions for medications is what sets conventional doctors apart. In Calgary, a few naturopathic physicians can now write prescriptions for a wide range of medications. However, a lot of them will start with natural cures.
In order to treat the underlying cause of your illness and aid in your recovery, naturopaths employ a variety of complementary therapies, including nutritional IVs, counseling, acupuncture, homoeopathy, bodywork, bio identical hormones, and vitamins and minerals.
In comparison to doctors, they also have a lot more time to spend with you. As a result, they will have a greater understanding of your overall health.
Conventional medicine is rooted in the use of pharmaceuticals and surgery, with a focus on treating symptoms. Naturopathy is more focused on treating the whole person by using natural methods.

How To Choose A Naturopathic Doctor

Oftentimes, with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we give less attention to our health. We may think that our body is strong enough to handle the physical stress we encounter and the amount of food we eat without any deficiencies - but what about those things which are bigger than our body? What happens if you have a chronic disease and your body cannot handle it?

When you are looking for a Naturopathic Doctor in your area, you have to be careful. There are some common questions that should be asked before choosing a doctor. By answering these questions and considering the answers, you should be able to choose a suitable practitioner who will offer quality services.

1. Do they emphasize your health concern?

There are many types of doctors and certain ones are used more than others. Check to see if an ND has experience successfully treating your health issues by reading their bio or speaking with them. Find out how they want to collaborate with you as well.
Naturopathic doctors focus on using dietary supplements and other natural remedies to treat illness. This can also help people improve their immune systems, educate them on how food affects the body and offer natural sleep aids.

2. Are they authorized?

While the term "naturopath" is unregulated in certain provinces and states, naturopathic doctors in Calgary are required to finish four years at a naturopathic institution.

3. What is their relevant education?

Posture correction is something everyone can strive for and it’s never too late to start. Good posture has many health benefits, apart from relieving chronic lower back pain. It also helps in digestion, improves breathing and lung capacity, removes unnecessary pressure on joints and ligaments and improve mood

4. Will they collaborate with your regular doctor?

Find a naturopath in a Calgary clinic who will collaborate with your doctor if you're currently seeing a conventional doctor and/or taking prescription medicine. Naturopaths are aware of the connections between their treatments and traditional medications. Additionally, your naturopath can significantly speed up your recuperation if you're preparing for surgery or another traditional treatment.

5. Do you have confidence in and feel at ease around them?

People generally have negative perceptions about the word “naturopathy”, but what is it? Naturopathic doctors are different from your primary care physician and practice complementary medicine–which means that they take a holistic approach to treating your health care needs. This also means they utilize several other healing methods besides taking prescription drugs and performing surgery. And this means less side-effects and risks.

Is Naturopathy right for you?

When it comes to your health, you have the power of choosing the right option, without the need to rush or take things lightly. You should choose which type of practitioner will suit your needs and make sure that you find someone who is a good fit..

Don’t let chronic diseases keep you from living your best life. Schedule a Naturopathy appointment with Caring Hands Physiotherapy today.

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