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Have you been suffering from lower back pain for a long time? If so, maybe it might be time to ask yourself how Physiotherapy can help relieve chronic lower Back Pain.

One of the most common problems in the world is back pain. It is responsible for billions of dollars in health care every year. When it strikes, most people resort to medications, which can be addictive, and invasive procedures that cause more damage than good.

Studies show that physiotherapy can help people with back pain. By treating the root cause of back pains, physiotherapists are able to reduce the pain, improve mobility and increase a person’s quality of life.

Physiotherapy can help relieve chronic lower Back Pain

Common reasons for chronic lower back Pain

Most people experience chronic lower back pain at some point in their lives. Sports, exercise, bad posture, and other activities can cause muscle strains, tendinitis, and more serious injuries to the spine.
If you have a job that requires you to spend many hours at a computer, or if you sit for long periods of time when commuting, your risk for back pain is increased. Sitting for long periods of time can negatively affect your posture and in turn cause lower back pain.

In other cases, your alignment may have been affected in a car crash or other accident, as well as through general wear and tear. Chronic lower back pain may result from a variety of causes, including osteoarthritis.
The severity of chronic lower back pain can vary widely and depends on factors such as the cause and your age. For some, chronic lower back pain can be so severe that it limits daily activities, for others, it may just be mild pain but a hindrance to the active lifestyle you desire.

Physiotherapy can help relieve chronic lower Back Pain

The most effective way to correct chronic lower back pain is through physiotherapy or surgery.  But surgery isn’t right for everyone. Hence, it is always advised to choose a more conservative options for treating chronic lower Back Pain. This includes physical therapy and at-home strategies like exercise.

Here are some simple things ways to relive chronic lower back pain that your physiotherapist may suggest

1: Repetitive movements Exercise Therapy
If the problem stems from inflammation or soreness on a nerve from a bulging disk on the spine, a repeated movement exercise therapy program may help. A bulging disk occurs when a portion of one of the cushioning disks between vertebrae in the spine presses on nearby nerves. If pain is worse with bending forward, movements that involve bending backward may help relieve pressure on the nerve.

2: Stabilization Exercise Therapy
The second category of treatment options is stabilization exercises. This is usually prescribed for people who move their spine in ways that deviate from normal or have pain with certain motions. The reason for this condition could be due to weakness of muscles deep in the abdomen, which helps stabilize the spine. This leads to the other surrounding muscles becoming overly tight as they try to stabilize the spine. Pain and tightness will often develop over time

The goal of stabilization exercise therapy is to retrain the deep muscles. A physical therapist will teach you how to use the correct abdominal and spinal muscles before going through a series of motions to stabilize the spine.

3: Spinal Manipulation
For people with stiffness in the spine, a physical therapist might use spinal manipulation. This is the kind of technique often associated with chiropractors. Spinal manipulation is a passive technique where the therapist applies short and rapid thrusting movements over a joint while the body is in a specific position a specifically directed manual impulse, or thrust, to a joint.

4. Posture Correction
How you carry your weight effects your spinal alignment. Back pain is one of many problems which can result from years of incorrect posture. Your muscles have become habituated to being in that position, and they will exert their best efforts to keep you in that position. This is why people who have never been taught good posture have such a hard time correcting their posture later on in life.

Posture correction is something everyone can strive for and it’s never too late to start. Good posture has many health benefits, apart from relieving chronic lower back pain. It also helps in digestion, improves breathing and lung capacity, removes unnecessary pressure on joints and ligaments and improve mood

5. Acupuncture
Acupuncture is a Traditional Chinese Medicine practice. An acupuncture practitioner inserts thin needles into specific points on the body. Acupuncture may help restore function and relieve chronic lower pain and may even continue to work well over time.

Physiotherapy can help relieve chronic lower Back Pain

Preventing chronic back pain with Physiotherapy

Often, back pain is a result of a minor injury or overuse of the back muscles. This will usually get better over time and heal faster with treatment. Physiotherapy is a safe and effective way to relieve tension or strengthen the lower back to help eliminate pain. Studies have found that people who used physical therapy for low back pain were less likely to need other health care services for their pain later.

Don’t let chronic lower back pain keep you from living your best life. Schedule an appointment with Caring Hands Physiotherapy today.

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