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If you have ever started feeling pain in an area that you hurt years ago, you may have been injured worse than you thought. Sprains are diagnosed easily but if no x-ray is done, a bone fracture could be missed. Either it will heal on its own in the wrong position, or you will be left wondering why it is taking so long for a sprain to heal. Even a well-casted bone can cause muscle damage and come up again later in life. Preventing an injury may not be possible, but preventing an injury from becoming a lifelong pain may be.

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Caring Hands offers many physiotherapy options to start dealing with muscle damage and pain when it occurs. Getting ahead of the pain will allow you to get back on your feet so that there is no muscle atrophy. With a holistic approach, there are no painkillers to confuse the signals your brain sends to your body. By being able to experience these sensations, they are better able to assess what needs to be done. With acupuncture, the sense of pain can be lessened and a treatment plan will be created.

Because putting pressure on an injury may mentally impair a patient’s ability to strengthen and flex those muscles, manual therapy, as well as TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), may be used. These two methods will allow your body to get the stretching and muscle stimulation needed to heal while preventing some pain. Sometimes you need to rest muscles in parts of your body that you use frequently (i.e. your arm) athletic taping is a convenient way to do this so that you can go on with your life without a sling getting in your way.

When you are healing from an injury pain management is important. Narcotic painkillers can give you a false sense of where you are in the healing process and this can lead to further injury. Back pain is one of the leading causes of addiction due to its being treated with narcotic painkillers. Without that reminder not to do something it is incredibly easy to reinjure or not allow your back to heal completely. The McKenzie method is a way to treat back pain naturally and make it stronger so that you can avoid future injury.

Caring Hands offers individually designed programs that integrate natural healing in a sustainable way. Myofascial release helps elongate muscles that have been restricted due to injury or simply your lifestyle. Pelvic floor strengthening can help a variety of areas of your life especially women who have given birth. There are many treatment plans to help you get your life back on track.

About Caring Hands

Caring Hands, while embracing new technology and techniques we have not left behind the basic tenets of hands-on healing. If you are injured or have chronic pain, the mission is to help you live pain-free. Relief is a click or a phone call away. Come in for your no obligation exam and find out what will work for you.

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