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1.Sitting Plantar Fascia Stretch

  •  Sit down with a straight back on a chair (without armrests)
  • Cross one foot over the other knee
  • Grab the base of your toes and stretch them towards your body until you feel a stretch
  • Be in this position for 20-25 seconds
  • Repeat it three times

2.Plantar Fascia Stretch

  •  Sit down and rest your foot on a round object (towel roll or a can of beans)
  • Roll it in all possible directions for 2-5 minutes
  • Repeat it three times

3.Towel Pickup

  •  Sit down with a straight back on a chair (without armrests)
  • Keep a towel or handkerchief on the floor in front of your feet
  • Pick Up the towel using your toes while your heels still touching the ground
  • Repeat this for 15-20 times
  • Day by day you can make the weight of the towel heavier by wetting it

4.Achilles Tendon and Plantar Fascia Stretch

  •  Loop a towel around the ball of your right foot
  • Pull your toes towards your body
  • Try to keep your leg on the ground and your knees extended
  • Be in this pose for 30-45 seconds
  • Repeat the same for left foot and repeat three sets for each foot

5.Wall Push

  •  Face a wall
  • Put both your arms on the wall at your shoulder level and keep your back straight
  • Place your right foot just in front of left foot
  • Bend the right knee towards the wall, keeping the left one straight
  • Keep going until calf muscle of your left muscle feels right
  • Now relax and switch legs
  • Repeat three times with each leg

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