Meet Yamni Malve- Clinic Director and Registered Physiotherapist

Yamni graduated with Bachelors in Physiotherapy degree from India in 2000 and has been working as a registered physiotherapist in Calgary since 2010 .
She has experience working with every age group and a diverse population.
Yamni has worked extensively with patients suffering from neck, back, knee pain due to MVA or WCBs . Yamni's approach to the treatment of her diverse clientele involves using a balanced approach, incorporating manual therapy, acupuncture, exercise, and education, specifically tailored to the individual needs of each person. She is a highly dedicated, compassionate, and skilled therapist who is constantly striving to improve the overall well-being of her patients.
Yamni developed a passion for women's health and learning about the importance of Female Pelvic Health after giving birth to her twins. She understood the need for pelvic floor physiotherapy services especially for new moms. This started her journey towards developing a company catering to women with pelvic floor dysfunctions that includes but not limited to Urinary or bowel incontinence, pelvic floor pain, vaginismus, and other related conditions.
Yamni is certified in Female Pelvic floor Physiotherapy and Acupuncture. She believes in adding value to each treatment session by using creative and individually tailored care plans to aide patients in their recovery. She is energetic and loves helping people through their recovery.
In her spare time Yamni loves pursuing interior decorating, gardening, cooking, and spending time with her family and kids.