Meet Unaise Hameed, Registered Physiotherapist

Unaise joined our clinics as a Physiotherapist in November 2019. After an extensive and successful 15 years career in Physiotherapy academics, clinical practice, and research, he currently finds his passion in helping patients with orthopedic and sports related injuries that affect movement. His clinical practice focuses on assisting patients in reducing pain and improving function by creating individualized and evidence-informed physiotherapy programs. He holds a bachelors, masters, and PhD degrees in Physiotherapy, and has held positions of Assistant professor in Physical therapy with various universities in Finland, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, India and United Arab Emirates. He was also an adjunct senior
lecturer in Physiotherapy with Monash University in Australia. Prior to joining us, Unaise and his team conducted several researches related to various aspects of patient care, and published 20 peer reviewed research articles in international journals in Physical therapy, rehabilitation and health sciences. His current clinical practice is focused on providing safe and effective care for patients suffering from
whiplash injuries; work related injuries; concussions; vestibular disorders; jaw pain and dysfunction; sports injuries; and a variety of other neuromusculoskeletal disorders.

Outside of the Practice.
Unaise speaks English, Hindi, Urdu, Malyalam and Tamil. Unaise is Married to Akhila, who is a registered speech language pathologist, and they have two children.