Meet Suneela ahuja, D.M.O (Osteopath)

Suneela grew up in a family of health care practitioners, where she developed an early interest and passion about holistic healthcare. Suneela completed a post-graduate program at the National Manual Osteopathic College and received her Diploma of Manual Osteopathy. There she learnt techniques for structural adjustments that use the client’s muscular strength to facilitate the correction. Her structural techniques use a method of muscular contraction, followed by relaxation to move the skeletal system into proper alignment.
Suneela loves the complexities of the human body and has enjoyed learning different techniques that focus on solving the problem at hand from multiple perspectives. For example, she will often use myofascial release techniques, rapid neuro facial reset, visceral, craniosacral therapy, cranio reiki modalities to relieve a wide range of conditions. As a Manual Osteopath, Suneela considers and treats each condition from a whole-body perspective. Osteopathic treatment has been very beneficial to clients with low back pain, concussions, jaw dysfunction, headaches, migraines urinary incontinence, digestion issues, arthritis, Foot, hip, ankle, or knee pain, hand, shoulder, or elbow pain, neck or back pain, tendonitis (such as golfer’s elbow or tennis elbow), Postural issues, nerve pain, anxiety, insomnia.