Meet Raul Garcia,  Massage Therapist

Raul Garcia was born in Mexico and came to Canada on 2006. He developed an interest in learning in the wonderful functioning of the human body and so decided to pursue a career in massage therapy.
After completing the required 3000 hour as a RMT, Raul took on additional courses including course on Flossing nerve, sculpting and lymphatic massage. He is always enthusiastic and open to continue learning. As a massage therapist, his approach incorporates various types of massage in order to tailor the appropriate treatment to each client. He uses techniques that could include myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and deep tissue release. To maintain his fitness level, he enjoys playing soccer and works out regularly at the gym. He loves traveling, dancing and spending time with his kids.

“Helping people to reach their physical goals is what keeps me going, not just as a job but because I really enjoy it".
Raul speaks Spanish and English