Meet Min Shi, R. Acupuncturist and R. Massage therapist.

Min Shi has over 20 Years of experience in clinical Western Medicine. Her expertise include applying Chinese medicine techniques to relieve the pain and resolve body’s imbalance, improve body’s immune system. Min likes to combine two of the TCM skills such as Needle, Gua-sha/Scraping the skin, hot cupping, moxa to help Pain Syndromes.
Min's effective treatment techniques have been known to treat conditions that include Gynecological conditions (irregular period, Dysmenorrhea, Premenstrual syndrome, Menopausal syndrome), functional gastrointestinal conditions (such as Acid reflux, constipation, diarrhea, indigestion), Acute and Chronic Cough, Shingles, Peripheral facial nerve palsy/ Bell’s Palsy, insomnia and imbalanced constitution. Min also uses a combination of Moxa and massage to help kids with development irregularities effectively.

Min speaks Mandarin and English.